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RD: Kristin Arnadottir App by PandaToffee RD: Kristin Arnadottir App by PandaToffee
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Been looking forward to this group so much since the first opening, which I stupidly missed//sob//. Here's hoping I can get in. ; 7 ;
I'm also thinking of writing some more to detail in the kidnapping event and how it affected her since I still feel like I could write more to flesh it out.... //sob I like writing. q w q;

Yes I'm totally submitting this while I'm at work. ; 3 ;
I stupidly forgot to upload this back at home, but thankfully I had this in the already. Phew. ; 7 ;

                        "Little rabbit, little rabbit... The wolves are coming... So why?... Why do you seem so eager?" 

        Kristin Arnadóttir
        17 years old
        19 May
        Icelandic, moved to Japan with her family when she was about 15.

Weapon Choice:
        Piano Wire
        Kristin had been carrying a piano wire from before he had been taken away. It's not as if she carried piano wires around with her everywhere, but it was simply good timing that she happened to have them on her when she had vanished. Kristin would use the wire more for strangulation or binding up a person, the wire being incredibly sturdy and able to handle the tension.

        Kristin, having been kidnapped previously, definitely handled the sudden change in location and many unanswered questions much better than most. Though she didn't understand the reason for the game, she didn't care. Kristin follows the rules of the game obediently. After all, the kidnapper... the 'wolf' was the master that must be obeyed. Their say is absolute, and if they wished for this... game... Then so be it, Kristin shall follow these rules obediently. Kristin looks forward to when she gets to meet her captor and to be praised, so no matter what she must win this game he had set. Even just for the slightest compliment, yes. Ah, she was looking forward to it oh so much.

        To Kristin, her parents had always been a constrictive and overbearing authority figure. They had high expectations for her, and always pushed her to do better. Every accomplishment she had done was quickly dismissed as merely a stepping stone and that she could do so much better. Kristin grew scared of them, as their forceful need for her to be better ingrained a morbid fear of disappointing them into herself. She always obeyed her parents. She was probably one of the most tame child around, she wouldn't even laugh in fear of upsetting her parents. However, this quickly changed after a certain kidnapping event.

        Kristin's view on everything had changed from the kidnapping event, including how she saw her parents. Instead of the oppressive parental figures that she didn't wish to disappoint while they controlled her life, she instead hated them. Disgusted, holding a grudge on them, she loathed both of them so much. Kristin no longer listened to her parent's orders and instead defied their every wishes instead. After all, how dare they insult her precious master. Her precious kidnapper. They simply were fools. 

        Kristin's relationship with her kidnapper had been... a strange one to say the least. At first, like most people, she absolutely despised him. How dare he separate her from her comfortable home, her family, her friends. He was evil, a horrid person. As a young child Kristin would immediately burst into tears or throw a tantrum irritated at him. However, her tantrums were rewarded with punishments. As time went, she felt herself grow alienated from everyone, everything, except for her kidnapper. 

        To Kristin her master had become an irreplaceable being to her. She could no longer imagine a world without him. She listened to every one of his commands and anticipated him complimenting her. "Good work my child, you did well." Those words, just those words were enough to send Kristin into bliss. Her kidnapper's joy was her own. After all, he was so kind, so loving, such a dear.She felt so much sympathy, empathy --... and love for him. Oh, he was her precious kidnapper. No one... no one could take this away from her. No one.

        The kidnapper has vanished, not caught by the police yet. He's probably in hiding somewhere and will never appear in front of Kristin again, even if she did survive this Rabbit Game. After all, the family did go to an entirely different country to escape this whole event as well. Doubt he'd go to Japan as well.

        As a young child Kristin got along with her fellow classmates. They considered each other friends, bffls, but of course that incident very quickly changed this thought. Many of her old classmates never did get in touch with her again when she disappeared, even when she had been found again. The ones who did, they simply were horrible. How dare they, how dare they insult her precious master. All of them, not just her parents, all of them simply didn't know his brilliance. His love, his affection, they just didn't understand. Kristin, even at her new school, didn't get along with her classmates keeping mostly to herself. She was treated the same, quite well known due to the incident of the girl's kidnapping quite widespread on the news. No one particularly wanted to associate with her, and she didn't mind this. After all, they were all just ignorant fools who didn't matter to her. Only her master matters, that's all.

        Once Kristin finds something she likes, she loves it and will never let go. She will become dedicated to whatever it is, and is willing to do practically anything for it. It gets to the point where she will feel personally insulted if what she is obsessed over is insulted as well. Her unhealthy obsession even is so bad that she puts it before her own well being.

        Kristin will let many morally questionable things slide when it comes to whatever she obsesses over, but with other's she is much more strict. While treating her obsessions with great care and kindness, completely loyal and obedient, she treats others either indifferently or harshly. She is a complete hypocrite, justifying her actions through very flawed arguments and reasons. However, her complete delusional love for them clouds her judgement and no longer listens to reason.

        Shocking as it may seem, Kristin is not afraid to voice her opinions. She will reply when spoken to, and maybe even speak to others if it's just the two of them alone in a room. She will say the first thing to her mind though, which aren't always the most positive or prettiest things.

        Kristin finds great pleasure in being punished, the treat only becoming all the more sweeter. She feels that if she gets hurt and damaged more, the reward would be far more precious and worth it all. Compliments said without any pain before hand will most likely be dismissed, while being insulted and then complimented later on is more effective for her.

        Though she does listen and follow the orders of her master, she does it out of her own self satisfaction. Kristin finds enjoyment listening to her masters, only doing it for the end reward to be complimented. She only cares for her obsession, and doesn't care for others. She's willing to sacrifice practically anything for what she wants and obsesses. She doesn't care about them. They don't matter.

        - Piano, music
        - Precious, precious master
        - Certain degrees and kinds of pain
        - Attention, being complimented
                    - But complimenting in the carrot and stick method, or else she'd just get weirded out

        - Any fool who'd dare insult master
        - Parents, classmates, cops
        - Preaching, lectures
        - Phrases like, "for the greater good", "for your own good", "Justice", "the right thing to do", etc.

        Kristin had a few, well- more than a few, rather distinctive features. She looked completely different from the rest of her family as her skin and hair was much paler than the rest. She was born with a rare case of albinism, and even rarer occurrence with her eyes being a more red pigment. Her parents felt an ominous discomfort but decided to try and ignore it, to raise her as a normal child. After all, it would look bad if the parents had decided to just throw away the child now.

        It was soon found that she had a natural talent for music, piano more specifically. She had been playing the piano ever since she could remember. At first her parents had Kristin attend these piano lessons simply due to how her parents believed that it would be good for the image to have a musical background as well. Her parents had never anticipated how well adept she really was at the instrument, or how obsessive for the music that the child would become. It began with occasional performances at those young children talent shows or recitals. Eventually though, her talents had been recognized, and as she appeared more and more her reputation increased. Soon enough, she had became well reputed within the musical community as a child pianist prodigy. Her peculiar features aided with this, media easily spreading the news, showing her off both as a musical child wonder and even a freak of nature.

        The media coverage hadn't been entirely good though. Kristin found herself growing stressed by the pressure from both her parents and the media. Every flaw she had in her performance would be brutally spotlighted by the media, as many people over the net continued to harshly critique and blatantly insult her. Everything ranging from her music, personality, appearance, and even worth to live was discussed by things we now typically know as trolls and bitter sad people who can't find any purpose in life but this. She felt as if she needed to be perfect, to never make a mistake. This was simply a lot of pressure for a young child to have, without even the slightest support. She felt like she was going to break down, but she couldn't, she wasn't allowed. She needed to be perfect, and perfect people don't break down.

        It was a rather normal day again. Kristin had been practicing at the recital halls, dress rehearsing another big performance. She had left the building by herself just for a short breather. Kristin only meant to stay out for five minutes at most, to take in some fresh air, but she didn't expect to take as long as she did to return. The hand that gripped onto her face, pulling her away from the life she knew marked the start of her five year disappearance.

                        ☠ "Your role, you should already know. For your master-- To sacrifice. My dear, my precious... Kristin." ☠

        Five years of experiencing the same thing. To only interact with that man, and no one else. At first she defied with her every will, but every time she got punished, got hit, she felt a part of her shatter. One day, surely someone would find and save her... Right? But as time went past, her hope for rescue diminished along with her will to resist. Instead, she found herself sympathizing with her kidnapper. He simply was a misunderstood thing. Sure he had his issues. He was violent, mean spirited and sadistic, but he was still there for her. He would rarely compliment her, he would sometimes feed her, provide for her, teach her. He was there for her. Everyday when he'd come home he would demand a piano performance. Even though she was playing on a cheap keyboard that looked like it had been owned by at least three different people, and even though the room she was confined in was cramped and old, it was these moments she cherished. Her being able to enjoy performing her favorite instrument to her favorite person. For him to grin and pat her on the head, complimenting her. To be the one kidnapped out of everyone else... Surely she was special to him. Yes, very special.

        She had been blissfully waiting at the keyboard again for her precious master. Though it was later than usual, she didn't think anything was strange. He wasn't always on time, it wasn't his fault. He was busy out doing other... stuff. It's inevitably he doesn't return for even two days sometimes. It's just he has a lot. Yes, today as well must be that. He must have a lot to do. Still waiting patiently at the keyboard just in case, she did oh so want to be able to play immediately if he did burst in through the door now. To her absolute horror, her master wasn't bursting through the door, but rather a group of strange people carrying these intimidating and strange things. They were all dressed in the same clothes, and were yelling to each other. One of them ran up to her, saying something to her. Who were they, what where they? Reeling back she ran, but it was no use. Again, she was caught.

        Kristin had been reunited with her parents again. Not the usual touching scene of child and parent reunions. No, rather it was a mess- simple chaos. Kristin had remained calm during the entire time she was interrogated and talked with the cops. Listening to their questions she could gather that her master had yet to be caught. Thank goodness. She was happy just to hear he was safe at least. However... These... These cop's words were so harsh, so cruel. How dare they insult him, him of all people. Meeting her parents, seeing how they didn't look much different from her memory of them. Her memories of being pressured by them flooding all at once. Kristin screamed, thrashed about, fought back. No, they couldn't be her parents. Never. Only her master, only master... She just wanted master.

        It had been nearly two years since Kristin had been found. Her family had decided to move to Japan, recommended by many people that the change in environment would be wise for Kristin's rehabilitation. Her parents didn't want her to go to any counselling sessions, thinking it would leave a bad image that she was mentally insane or wrong. Their prides and egos couldn't allow anyone of their family be such a thing. However, her parents grew worn and infuriated with her behavior, refusing to obey them. At the point of nearly giving up, they actually considered sending her to a therapist. They were so against the idea, not wanting such a connection to be part of their family. They didn't want to acknowledge there was something really wrong with someone that had their blood flowing through them. Simply preposterous. Kristin listened to her parents stating their wishes--... their demands, for he to attend therapy. Kristin clearly and immediately refused. No, therapists were evil. They dare try and toy with her feelings, her emotions. They'll try to make her forget master, to hate him. She could never do such a thing. Not possible.

        Ignoring her parents displeasure to her refusal, Kristin began packing her things. Clothes, food, water, essentials--- Sorting through all of the many assortments of trash and treasures, Kristin carefully selected what she wished to take on her journey, her escape from these evil parental beings. Picking up a large bundle of piano wires she began to wonder to herself. Kristin could never drop piano, ever. She had presumed her piano performances. At first there was so much hype and anticipation. "The highly awaited performance by the five years disappeared child prodigy." It was all over the media, concentrating more on the kidnapping story than her music though. As hype disappeared though, so did her audience. She couldn't understand it. So many people loved her music when she was child... why not now? Frustrated, she couldn't see why things had to go so wrong. If she was just with master again. If only master was there to tell her what to do, oh how that would be wonderful. Not have to worry and decide her own path. The occasional compliment, her own private piano recital to him. Her master, a master. Oh dear precious kidnapper. One more time, please. Running outside the house, she just ran as if she could just run everything away. Please, just another chance.

        Then, everything went black. Silent.

        The faint beeping sound of a phone could be heard, the dim light of the phone's screen displaying something.

                        ☠ "Enjoy the game little rabbit~" ☠

        - Full Body Ref:
        - Kristin has a rare case of Albinism with pale skin, white hair and red eyes.

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