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HPA: Hal Klein App by PandaToffee HPA: Hal Klein App by PandaToffee

I still got more I want to do. ; 7 ;
So have this!
Technically this could be considered complete... but I still want to add more in both the art and written sections. q H q
What I'm planning with the art portion: > 3 >

Hal Klein
13 years old
5th September
Robotics Engineer
Hal has a strong understanding of anything to do with robots, whether it be the actual constructing, planning or even programming command or simple AI for them. Ever since he could remember, robots had fascinated him. This was influenced by the environment he grew up in and how his parents names him Hal based off of Space Odyssey.
German and Germany
Chaotic Neutral
Robotic Rabbit Companion
His first creation that he continuously updated and improved upon. Hal named it after his original pet rabbit Dot. It moves like a normal rabbit with its limbs. It's ears are also able to move and twitch like a rabbit's. The robot is quite advanced, able to recognize voice commands and sounds, and detect movement through it's lens eyes. The robot acts loving to Hal, affectionately rubbing and nudging at Hal. It doesn't have free thought, all of its action due to complex programming.

Basic Robotics Engineering Kit
Hal assembled a basic kit of tools that he feels that he needs. He carries it within a bag, which has an extra pocket that fits his laptop. Inside the kit are a flat head screw driver, magnifying glasses, extra replacement parts like screws and wires for the robot companion, small scissors, a pair of tweezers and a small key chain sized flash light.

He also keeps his laptop in the bag along with his kit. He always has the bag on him, making notes whenever he thinks up something. Along with the laptop he has the charger and a usb cable which plugs into his inventions to add programming and the like. The laptop is simply for work purposes, only containing programs for his robots. Though this isn't any surprise, Hal's life is all about his robots.

4'6" (~137 cm)
66 lbs (~30 kg)
Body Shape:
Small and Soft~
○ Really short
○ Baby fat, so he's all squishy
○ Thin waist
○ Round face
Straight, usually looking up though due to his height
Pale, with a peachy tint.
His skin blushes easily and is really smooth like a baby's.
Vivid Pink
Pastel Purple
Hal's hair is slightly curly, easily messed up but stays neat by his hat pressing it down. His hair, although curly is silky smooth and practically never gets knots.
He doesn't dye it or any the sort, it's completely natural
Shush, don't put logic in that. e H e
Extra Features:
Hal has burn scars underneath his bandages. He keeps them covered not because he is shy about showing to other people, but rather he doesn't like seeing them himself. It reminds him of the fire, and they aren't exactly the most pleasant memories.

"It's the way things are, and people who are so delusional to make up imaginary explanations are just plain stupid."
Virgo (Western)
To make a fully self aware robot.
Although it is already possible to make a robot that can pass the self awareness test that humans have devised for animals, making the robot technically self aware, but Hal wants to make a robot that is able to create its own actions itself. He is right now experiment on this goal by creating a robotic rabbit companion he keeps around him at all times. He's constantly updating his programming, making the AI much more sophisticated, making the robot act like any normal rabbit would. However Hal isn't satisfied knowing that it's purely due to the programming and the robot isn't fully self aware. He's still struggling on trying to get passed this hurdle.
Only in appearance that is. Hal has a smile that could give people diabetes just from looking at it. Due to his appearance, he comes across as an adorable and innocent child, but that is if he stays quiet. As soon as he opens his mouth his illusion of sweetness instantly disappears.

Hal isn't afraid to speak his mind, and his thoughts aren't exactly the most complimenting. No matter who the other person, Hal will say every insulting thought that comes across his mind about the others. He doesn't randomly insult people though, usually having a reason to call them an idiot or stupid, though the reasons tend to not entirely deserve said insults. Even when others lecture his behaviour, he refuses to hold back his criticisms and doesn't care about the other's opinions or feelings.

Hal is a smart child and picks up new skills quickly. He has a good memory, and has no difficulty learning new things. He had always done well in his school, being especially exceptional at Math and English subjects. Due to his problem solving skills and imaginative ability to think up new ideas and concepts, he's constantly able to design and create new robotic inventions.

Physically, Hal is pathetic. He struggles to lift even the lightest of objects and could be easily beaten in a contest of strength by a child younger than himself. Hal is also a slow runner and has basically zero stamina. He tires easily, and requires quite a long time to catch his breath.

Hal is quick to judge someone from first impressions, and will instantly say what he thinks aloud. If someone doesn't follow his own beliefs, Hal will heavily judge the other person, especially if it's negative opinions on robotics. Hal would get to the point where he'd even senselessly insult the other person for it.

Thinking his creations to be much superior to other human beings, even with Hal still considering them as incomplete. Due to this, he tends to really on technology and machinery more than other people. He thinks that humans are just such flawed creatures constantly making mistakes.

Hal has absolutely no trust in a human's ability to do even the simplest of tasks. He much prefers to do things himself or even create something to do his bidding. When someone actually does something for him he gets all paranoid that there is something with it, and his perfectionist attitude kicks in.

For Hal, everything must be perfect. He hates disorganized and chaotic conduct or situations. He nitpicks easily, complaining about the smallest of details. If he considers something to not be absolutely perfect, he will spend ages to fix it.

This is derived from his perfectionist attitude. Everyone of his belongs, creations and himself must be clean no matter what. He gets to the point where he would wipe his dirtied hands onto another person in disgust. He isn't a germ freak though, Hal just like the shiny new clean look.

Hal is obsessed with his robots and goal that he spends most of his time, if not all of it working on his inventions. Whether it would be planning or crafting, he'd be working on his robots. The only times he ever actually isn't working is when someone is bothering and preventing him to work, or when he is doing something that he requires to do to live like eating or sleeping. Though he tends to skip out on meals and sleep due to him losing track of time working.

Hal is apathetic to most other people, finding it difficult to empathize with other's emotions. This is why he is able to say what he does without a care. It is also due to this that he can handle other people's criticism without getting emotional, and instead retort back.

Hal has childish mannerisms whenever it comes to his robots. He treats them like his own children and baby talks to them. Also, whenever something doesn't work as planned with his creations he acts like a whiny kid.
Hal is absolutely infatuated with anything mechanic, robots especially. It's to such an extreme point where he actually treats robots better than other human beings. His obsession is due to his past and inability to trust humans.

His Robotic Rabbit Companion
Though he loved all of his creations, he showed obvious favourism for his robot rabbit. After all, the rabbit was his very first creation that he just continuously updated.

He wouldn't know what to do if I didn't get his own space to work in. He tends to work and think better when he's by himself, and hates other people watching work. He finds them much too distracting and would affect his work efficiency for the negative.

Peace and Quiet
The only sound he actually likes is the sound of him typing, him working, or the noises that his creations may make.

He gets a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment every time he works and gets something done. Hal feels as if as he spends more time working he gets closer to his goal of creating a sentient robot.

Perfection is after all, perfect. Hal only likes actual perfect perfection though, not the some what perfect thing other people define as so called 'perfect'.
Other People
They just get in the way of his goals and don't seem to understand why he even wants to create a self aware robot. Their constant talking and annoyance gets in the way of his goals and slows his progress. Really, to him they are just pests.

Hal hates it when things aren't explained properly, or have a logical explanation. He hates extreme optimists and pessimists thinking that they are delusional. This is why he thinks emotions are such a pain, tending to cause people to do these very illogical acts.

Physical Contact
He likes his space and would treat others as pests, wiping the place that he got touched in disgust. Whenever someone makes the motion as if to hug or touch him, Hal would reflexively jump back.

Hal grew up in a sci-fi obsessed family. His parents even named him after HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. His family weren't the richest, his mother working as a cleaner while his father was a plumber. His parents had problems with impulse buying, worsened by their obsession for expensive figurines and collector editions of their fandoms. Not only were they easy spenders, his mother was an alcoholic and his father a heavy smoker not caring where he threw away his cigarettes and smoked. They didn't pay much mind for Hal, not taking care of him properly.

This had resulted him to grow up hating his parents, and other people in general. He was born with unnatural features, pink eyes and purple hair. Ever since he could remember he would be bullied by the other children, both verbally and physically. All of humanity could all just die in a fiery pit of hell for all he cared. He just wanted to be alone. His only friend was a rabbit.

He adored it and adored it. He spent much of his time petting and taking care of it, feeling as if the rabbit was the only one he could trust. Hal felt as if the rabbit was the only one that loved him.

It was only when he got curious about where his name had originated that his interest for robots started. He liked the character HAL 9000, he really did. More than the human characters, he sympathized with the robot much more, even wishing for him to succeed through out the movie's entirety. Since then, he liked the idea of a sentient robot. Hal began to delve into subjects like programming, engineering and physics due to this.

One night, he woke to the smell of smoke and finding it difficult to breath. Shocked to smell burning, he ran out the house. Not noticing either of his parents in the front yard with him, he began to panic. Though he didn't like them the slightest, they were still his parents none the less. Growing even more panicked as the flames grew, Hal ran back into the burning house. Going straight for his parents room, he noticed the room completely ablaze. Disgusted to see the source of the fire being his father's cigarette, he shook and basically pushed his parents awake. Honestly he wanted to push them off the bed to wake them up, but he was unfortunately too weak for that.

Now both of his parents finally awake, he was horrified remembering his rabbit. Rushing to go grab him, his parents decided to just flee themselves. Arriving at his rabbit's cage, he frantically grabbed him. However, the animal was frightened by the fire and jumped out of Hal's arms. Frantically chasing the animal, the fire continued to spread. The house creaked as the roof caved in.

Waking up, he felt searing pain all over. Staring at a white roof he couldn't believe his luck to survive, but was immediately downhearted to hear of the news.

His parents didn't make it out, and of course neither did his rabbit. The firemen did notice the creature, but cared no mind for it focusing on saving Hal and the house. Blaming the firemen and his parents, Hal's hatred for humanity just grew all the more stronger.

Years passed, his obsession for robots growing all the more. It was the only thing he had left having lost everything. He had a natural talent to learn quickly, his fixation with robotics specifically and his prior interest in it made him learn all the more faster. Soon enough he began to design and build his own robots, the first one being that of a rabbit. At first it was incredibly crude, unable to move at all, the eyes simply lighting up with the flick of a button. As Hal's understanding grew so did his rabbit. Progressing, it went from being unmoving, to being remote control with wheels, then having a simple AI programmed into it, to finally have moving limbs mimicking a rabbit's movement and a much more advanced and comprehensive AI. He had managed to live thus far relying on scholarships and awards from his creations, selling his inventions and accepting commission.

Soon enough he earned the title SHSL Robotics Engineer.

Hal still wasn't satisfied though. He wanted to make his robotic companion sentient, able for free thought. Deciding to go to the supposed prestigious school, expecting to advance his knowledge to accomplish his goals, he wasn't expecting what was actually waiting for him.

RP Methods:
I prefer to Note, since I tend to notice them more. orz
Though I'm also more than happy to Skype, Google docs or comment~ > u <
Script Example:
Hal: "Awwww, Who's a cute little mechanic ball of adorable advanced technological fluff. You are, yes you are." //pats the robot rabbit's head and hugs it// "Just you wait, you're going to be thinking and feeling for yourself soon enough~"
Lit Example:
Standing in front of the school gates Hal stared up at the large school facility. Looking down at his rabbit companion, he gave an especially sweet smile. Finally, maybe this school could help him get over that hurdle. Hal could feel his goal being close to completion, it was just he was missing something, and he didn't know what. He spent so long frustrated over it. Picking up his rabbit companion, he eskimo kissed Dot as he imagined how amazing it would be for Dot to be self aware. "Soon, soon you'll be perfect.", he said under his breath as he went to enter the school. The nothing.

The school definitely, to say the least, wasn't what he had expected.
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